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Code of Ethics

Biokit Values and Commitments:
Commitment with our employees, our distributors and with the patients and caregivers who using and benefit from our IVD reagents and systems.

Commitments to design, research, produce and deliver high quality IVD solutions, offering added value always guided by the constant evaluation of customer satisfaction.

Commitment with sustainability in our operations and with the integrity in our actions doing business in a responsible and ethical manner.

We prefer always to establish long- lasting relationships with our clients based on transparency and mutual trust .

Werfen is recognized as a leader in creating, producing and marketing innovative, high-quality healthcare solutions. We do business in a responsible and ethical manner and with a commitment to sustainable development, respecting the needs of the individual, society and the environment.

We invite you to visit  Werfen Code of Ethics file, which provides clear and simple guidance for our business behavior and shares the values and language we use and agree upon on a daily basis.


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