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Bioblot reagents are confirmatory tests based on Western blot or Immunoblot technology that enables the detection of antibodies against specific antigens separated on a nitrocellulose strip.
As different and specific antibodies to the infectious pathogen can be detected with this technology, bioblot is intended to be a confirmatory method for repeatedly reactive samples in screening tests.

Bioblot product line includes HIV, HCV and HTLV assays, and they all show high sensitivity and specificity.

Bioblot assays can be used manually or can be automated with Autoblot 3000. Automated readings and interpretation of results are also possible with specific scanning software with AutoScan PRO.

Main characteristics are:


  • Independent strips included in the kit enable a single test
  • Reagents can be used manually or can be automated

Fast and efficient

  • Controls are included in the reagents kit
  • Same incubation time for all protocols

Highly accurate

  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • High stability
  • High reproducibility
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