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Biokit is applying the lastest generation technologies mainly in two areas:


1. Technologies oriented to the achievement of antigens and antibodies: 

  • Viral, bacterial and parasitological culture and purification
  • Synthetic peptides and recombinant antigen production
  • Rabbit, goat, guinea pig and lamb polyclonal antibody production and purification
  • Hybridoma culture and monoclonal antibody production 


2. Technologies oriented to the production of final reagent kits: 

  • Latex particle agglutination (on slide and turbidimetric tests) 
  • Hemagglutination
  • Enzyme immunoassay (ELISA)  &  Western blot 
  • Chemiluminescence

In order to optimize the workload of the clinical laboratory,  biokit is offering instrumentation to satisfy all needs from our clients.

Rapid Tests

Manual, easy and rapid use reagents, mainly based on latex and red cell agglutination.

Main reagents in this line are dedicated for the diagnostic of syphilis (TPHA; RPR), rheumatic diseases (CRP, RF, ASO), toxoplasmosis, rotavirus, rubella and infectious mononucleosis.


Microtiter plate ELISA tests for hepatitis B (all markers), hepatitis A, hepatitis C, hepatitis E, HIV 1+2, HTLV I+II, syphilis, toxoplasmosis, rubella, CMV, HSV, Chagas disease, among others. All of them are suitable for automation.

We complete this line with confirmatory tests for HIV, HTLV and HCV based on the Western Blot procedure.


Turbidimetric reagents for use on automated clinical chemistry systems for the quantification of serum proteins including rheumatic diseases (CRP, CRP Ultrasensitive, RF, ASO), immunoglobulins (lgG, lgA, lgM, lgE), complements (C3, C4), ferritin, transferrin, soluble transferrin receptor, haptoglobin, A-1 antitrypsin, HbA1c, Lp(a), ß-2-microglobulin, A-1-acid glycoprotein, microalbumin, myoglobin and digitoxin.

This product line completes the chemistry of the ILab family instruments from IL.


BIO-FLASH is a last generation fully automated, benchtop, random access and multiparametric immunoassay system. Magnetic particle separation with flash chemiluminescent detection delivers exceptional clinical performance, offering immunoassays with high sensitivity and extremely large dynamic ranges.

Our current menu includes toxoplasmosis, rubella, CMV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV parameters.

A complete menu for autoimmunity is available also in the BIO-FLASH made by our sister company, INOVA.

*General remarks : Some reagents are not available in USA. Please consult your Biokit contact for availability of each product in a specific country.

Biokit S.A.

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Fax. +34 93 860 90 17
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